Sales Pipeline Management. Kelola Tim Sales. Tingkatkan Penjualan Anda dengan Omogogo CRM. Tingkatkan Repeat Order. Ubah Database Menjadi Pelanggan Tetap.

Omogogo CRM

Helps Your Sales Team Close Deals Faster and Get Repeat Order


Omogogo CRM helps your sales team to:
1. Manage sales funnel and sales pipeline.
2. Easily create quotation that connects with customer profile and product data.
3. Manage to-do list and reminders for every task that can help you get customers.
4. Collaborate easily with your sales team.
5. Real-time dashboard for revenue projection and to know the progress of each sales team member, customer, and product.

Omogogo Sales Kaizen Wall

Sales Kaizen Management to Improve Your Sales Daily

Kaizen means continuous improvement. In order to improve your sales team daily, you need to be able to keep track of the volume of prospects, size of deals, methods, conversion rate, etc. This can be done using Omogogo’s Kaizen Wall.

Omogogo Create To-do List and Reminder

Create To-do List and Reminder Daily

There are many things do get done for to convert prospects into customers. At Omogogo, you can create to-do-list with details like time and date for each prospect and deal. Each to-do can have a reminder. This way, no more forgetting important tasks.

Track Progress and Results Daily

Daily improvement requires you to know what kind of progress you have made. Our dashboard provides comprehensive details of you and your team’s performance. The highest performing member can get rewarded, others know where they are lacking and able to gain support quickly.


Sales Kaizen

The Japanese roots of Kaizen essentially mean continuous change. Often time’s people will decide that they want to make big changes in their life. In theory, these big changes sound as if they could be beneficial, but they hardly stick. Before long, these same people are back in the same way they have always lived their life because the big changes were too much. Kaizen methods can help you work around that and get the changes you want, but over time instead of all at once. This also applies to sales process and team.


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